Korja Electric Oud II

Ethnic Musical
Power Warmth Resonance Tone color★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ BrightRating guideThis beautiful oud comes from Turkey and was created by Ethnic Musical. This musical instrument is an electro acoustic model with a flat body of excellent quality, its body is made of walnut with a spruce top. The sound of the oud is particularly loud and soft.
Oud Capella Electric Pearl Oud Capella Electric Pearl 2
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    Oud Capella Electric Pearl

    Gawharet El Fan
    This magnificent pearly electric oud is composed mainly of mahogany wood, covered with shards of mother-of-pearl and varnished for a sublime look. The structure of this oud is unique for a very modern look with a very nice, well-balanced sound once plugged in. A cover, as well as 3 rishas (picks) are delivered with the oud. The oud comes with 9...

    Electric Oud Capella

    Gawharet El Fan
    This magnificent electric oud is made of painted and then varnished mahogany wood. The structure of this oud is unique for a very modern look with a very nice balanced sound once plugged in. The oud comes with a bag and 3 rishas (plectrums).
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